The #WECANALLDRAW series started as a sub-division of the &TUR quarterly show in December 2014 in Vancouver, BC. This series is dedicated to showcase children artists under the age of 12. The concept of this series is inspired by a statement made by artist Adriana Lozano in an interview with Elephant Magazine issue 17: “We can all draw. When we were kids we were all doing it… Later we are confronted with the concept of good or bad drawing, and people stop doing it.” The #WECANALLDRAW exhibition and workshop series celebrates the sense of innocence and originality found in children’s creativity; this is a kind of creativity that has not yet been influenced by knowledge and formal training.

#WECANALLDRAW exhibitions not only showcase children artists under the age of 12, but also welcome those who though may not have professional training in the discipline of fine arts are actively creative and are looking for a place to communicate and exhibit their creative energy.

In contrast to conventional art curriculums which focus on making “retinal art”, #WECANALLDRAW workshops focus on stimulating participants’ curiosity in different materials, methods and visual forms by incorporating conceptual art approach into workshop curriculum. Participants will learn to use their innate artistic ability to express their ideas and feelings, and will also broaden their perception and value of art as expressed in different visual forms.

Founder & Director
YaWei Lin