This series of workshops explores the discipline of drawing through subjects of portraits, landscape, abstract and collage. Each session covers a brief slideshow introduction, various types of drawing exercises and a final project based on the specific subject. The core teaching approach is to cultivate students’ creativities and imagination through techniques such as observation, story telling, and visual compositions. At the end of the program, students will gain basic knowledge and techniques of drawing and will have opportunities to exhibit their finished projects in the bi-annual #WECANALLDRAW exhibitions in local art community.

Summer / Fall 2016
Richmond BC
Isaac Li / 9 years old
Isaac is well ready to participate in more advanced classes such as life drawing and painting; perhaps even some 3D visual courses. Isaac is quick in absorbing new information and likes to read. However, sometimes he can be too impatient to get to the end result and neglects the process of learning and making mistakes, which is just as crucial as getting things done. It will also benefit him to have some cultural experiences such as gallery visit and attending music recitals in order to cultivate his appreciation for a wide range of creative works.


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