Bontanical Drawing

#WECANALLDRAW was lucky to get the rooftop garden at Richmond Cultural Centre for one of the 2016 Culture Days events. The garden is filled with all kinds of flowers and plants. It is calming and inspiring. In the middle of the garden there is a long communal table with flowers planted as divider across the table. A canvas shade stretched over the table to protect visitors from scorching sun or stormy rain. I set up an ink drawing activity in the garden on Saturday, October 1, 2016 for the Culture Days. The weather was cold and rainy but the turn out was better than I expected. Hot tea and home made crostata definitely helped to motivate the participants staying out in the cold to draw. The botanical drawing exercise is designed to loosen up participants’ physical approach to drawing. Thick brushes were provided to encourage loose movement and to divert participants’ attention away from finicking with fine details, though there were some participants who eventually mastered making fine marks with these thick brushes. The exercise is about capturing the surroundings with expressive movements and spontaneous visual compositions. I am glad to see participants from all ages. Some adults were hesitant to try as they were more conscious of their “ability” to draw than the children were. But after watching how free and spontaneous the children were enjoying the exercise, they also took a plunge and realized it was not as hard as they thought and that they haven’t felt so freely creative since they were children. These responses really resonate with the mandate of #WECANALLDRAW and I am very impressed with all the creative works this weekend. This experience is invaluable and definitely gives me a solid direction of how to prepare for future workshops.

Here are the botanical drawings from this weekend. Thank you all for your amazing creative efforts.


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