2016 Culture Days Richmond

2016 Culture Days is just around the corner. #WECANALLDRAW will be at the Richcmond Cultural Centre on 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond from 3:30 to 6:00 on Friday, September 30 and from 1:30 to 4:00 on Saturday, October 1. We are excited to be conducting the following drawing activities on Friday in the Atrium. Come, have fun and get a custom paper plane stickers! Please note that we intentionally leave out image examples of these exercises as we do not want to influence participants’ creativities. Images will be uploaded after the events.

Two Tone Collage Exercise
Material: 2 pieces of different colour paper and 1 glue stick
Instruction: Use up all the paper. No scrap should be left.
Recommended age: all ages

This exercise is designed to stimulate participants’ problem solving skill and innovativeness in working with minimum materials and tools to make a visual composition. This exercise is suitable for all ages. Participants can be as creative with the materials provided as they want. Think outside the box. There are many visual possibilities with just 2 pieces of paper and a glue stick. The only criterion they need to follow is that they need to use up all the paper and no scrap should be left behind.

Photomontage Exercise – Sharpie Series
Material: pre-selected found photographic images on plain paper, black fine Sharpie
Instruction: Complete visual composition with black Sharpie on paper. Additional drawing can be made on or around the photographic image.
Recommended ages: 5 and up

This exercise is designed to stimulate participants’ creative impulse to make quick visual responses to pre-selected images on paper. The visual composition should be executed instantaneously and spontaneously. The purpose of using only a black permanent marker is so that participants will learn to embrace all the marks they make on paper. There is no such a thing as making a mistakes in this exercise. Every mark made is considered as an essential part of an unique artistic expression.

Instructional Drawing Exercises – Connect-the-dots Series
Materials: HB pencils, rulers, erasers, A4 cream paper, folder, clipboard, 2 sets of instructions
Instructions: follow enclosed instructions careful to complete visual composition
Recommended ages: 9 and up

These instructional drawings are meant to demonstrate how the same set of instructions and perimeters can elicit different visual response from different individuals. The instructions are presented in 2 parts in the form of connect-the-dots. The first part should results in different visual compositions as each participant interprets and executes the instructions. The second part should result in uniformed visual compositions if participants follow the instructions correctly. This exercise is designed to stimulate participants’ draftsmanship, their attention to visual details and their ability to translate words into visual forms.


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