1st RSA Announcement

The Red Sticker Award is set up to recognize excellent creative effort but in a sense all the art works in this exhibition are excellent. The award is decided by a random group of audience with various levels of art knowledge so the result could be completely different if it is to be decided by a different group of people. The purpose of the nomination is to encourage dialogues between the viewers and the artists. These types of dialogues are not necessarily critiques, especially in the case of giving feedback to children artists. These dialogues are meant to stimulate their appetite for creative production. The process of nomination facilitates viewers to take time to look at every piece and to ask themselves questions in order to decide which pieces stand out to them more than others and why. This process is the appreciation of art. The process of nomination in a way is more important than the result of the award. The result will distinguish and elevate a small number of creative efforts but the process of nomination creates the opportunity for art appreciation.

The top 3 nominees are: (left) 林承翰 / 9, (center) 王佳誼 / 9, (right) 張麗珣 / 11. And the Red Sticker Award goes to “Play with me” by 林承翰



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