Artists and their handwritings

For every exhibition, I usually make up an interview questionnaire for the featured artists to fill out in order to give viewers some insight to their background and creative approach. Often the artists would correspond with me via emails so inevitably the information they provide would be in digital form, which make posting and printing easier but lack personality. This time for the children artists in #wecanalldraw IV, I made up a simplified questionnaire and specifically requested that they would try to write down the answers by themselves or with minimum aid from adults. I want to show their hand writings alongside their art works. I have always been fascinated by how handwritings are like DNAs. Each handwriting bears distinct traits that are so closely connected to the person who writes it. No matter how close an imitation, there are always ways to decipher the difference. These artists are all under the age of 12. At this stage in life, not only are their drawings distinctly expressive, so are their handwritings. They are just learning and perfecting the techniques of writing: how to write the words correctly, how to leave even spaces between words, how to estimate how much space there is to fit in all the words, etc. These handwritten questionnaires are just as interesting as their drawings and really add to the carefree creativities and authentic aesthetics in their art forms. I would like to present their handwritings side by side with the drawings. Unfortunately I didn’t get every artist’s questionnaires back. Here are the ones that I have.


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