“We can all draw. When we were kids we were all doing it.” artist Adriana Lozano said in an interview with Elephant Magazine #17. “Later we are confronted with the concept of good or bad drawing, and people stop doing it.” This is so true and I am reminded once again of how genuinely creativity flowed when I was a kid. However inspiring this is I can’t go back to being a child again yet I feel like I should still do something about this inspiration. My mother is a veteran piano teacher. She especially enjoys teaching young children and guiding them to the simplicity of playing and enjoying music. She usually teaches at home but recently is asked to teach 3 cousins at the house they are living together. The 2 boys are brothers and the girl is their cousin. My mother decides to get them occupied with something creative while they wait for their turn so she brings them paper and let them draw. It turns out they LOVE drawing. Week after week my mother will show me collections of their drawings and I will pick the ones I like and put them in a portfolio though I am sure what I can do with these drawings. Then as I am preparing for the Winter 2014 &TUR quarterly show I think to myself “why not” – why not put these drawings up as part of the show. These drawings demonstrate thoughtful composition and skillful execution (to their best ability). These little artists can even tell you their “artistic concept” behind each piece. These drawings are so genuinely creative that I am sure people will find them as inspiring as I do. So I would like to present to you the first 3 children artists featured in &TUR. They are Isaac (7), Cindy (6) and Livingston (5). The Winter 2014 &TUR Art Show will be from December 6-27.


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